AlManarah’s vision is a society in which Arab persons with disabilities, empowered and with the necessary skills, are full and equal participants in all spheres of life, free from prejudice, discrimination, and marginalization. It is the conviction of AlManarah that with encouragement, guidance and the requisite technical resources, Arab persons with disabilities will develop the tools and skills necessary to participate within society--not as a disenfranchised minority, but as confident citizens offering distinct and vital contributions. AlManarah enables Arab persons with disabilities to set an agenda for their own learning, realize their full potential, and contribute to a vibrant community of capable and determined peers.

Underlying AlManarah’s work are the principles of dignity, equal opportunity, integration, and independence for persons with disabilities. Through the promotion of social awareness, legal advocacy, and educational courses, AlManarah works with Arab persons with disabilities, with particular emphasis on women and youth, so that they can access education, employment, and public services.

AlManarah’s work strives to augment cooperation and collaboration between Jewish and Arab civil society organizations in Israel that advocate for persons with disabilities, and provides legal leverage for the enforcement of domestic and international disability rights laws within the Israeli sphere. Although AlManarah’s impact is felt throughout Israel, AlManarah remains deeply rooted to its community in Nazareth and the surrounding region. Persons with disabilities from the local community lead the design and implementation of all project activities, in accordance with the rallying cry of the disability rights movement worldwide: Nothing About Us Without Us.